Vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, brandy, liqueurs, etc.

These books explain, with diagrams and photographs, exactly how to make, and then how to use,
hi-tech fractionating stills for the production of commercial-quality spirits.

Making Gin & Vodka, by John Stone

Gives detailed instructions on how to make a scientifically designed fractionating still which is particularly suitable for the production of high-purity spirits such as vodka and gin.

The Carriage Still, by John Stone

This book describes the construction on an elegant, state-of-the-art fractionating still, as shown on the book cover. The glass still-head and stream-splitter require the services of a glassblower, but the copper column, boiler and cabinet can easily be made by the average handyman.

Moonlight & Roses, by John Stone

The kick is in the alcohol. All the rest is merely "Moonlight & Roses". This book deals with adding flavour to the vodka you'll have in abundance after reading the other two books.

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If you wish to purchase all 3 books, you will only be charged for 2.


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