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Many hundreds of letters have been received from readers who enjoyed the first edition of this book. They came from all parts of the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Sweden, Iceland, Malta, Turkey, Belgium ---- a veritable United Nations. Here are excerpts from just a few of them.

H.A. (Australia). "Many thanks for your excellent service, as I received my copy of "Making Gin & Vodka" a few days ago. It is an excellent book with extremely interesting information."

K.S. (England). "Your book has been very informative and has satisfied a long held curiosity and desire to know about the distillation of alcohol".

R.M. (Australia). "I recently obtained a copy of your book. I am very impressed, a good clear guide to a complex subject. I am an electronic engineer by profession, but I spent many years around the petroleum industry, and hence some chemical engineering concepts rubbed off on me."

B.B. (England). "Received your book on Saturday and I must say it's the most detailed and accurate I've read. Most books revolve around the pressure cooker, 8 feet of copper tube, bucket of water, hope and pray methods."

J.W. (California). "It was such a relief finally to read a scientific explanation of distillation instead of an amateurish description of "moonshine" production on the kitchen stove which one finds on the Internet.