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When designing the carriage still the goal we set for ourselves was that it should be a) state-of-the-art in performance, b) attractive in appearance, c) the inner workings of the still should be visible during distillation, and d) most of the work could be performed by a handyman in his workshop. The purpose of c), of course, was to give the hobbyist and his friends something to look at. Visibility requires glass tubing and glass-fabrication is not something which the vast majority of hobbyists can handle. However, the exact dimensions of the glass still-head are provided in the book so you can take the diagram to the glassblower at a nearby university or college (chemistry department) and have him make it for you. Alternatively, you
could order it from us.

The plumbing and cabinet-making are well within the capabilities of the average handyman. The cabinet, in particular, is something you will take a delight in making to your own specifications.

The complete still